Shipping guide

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To register on our website, click on the registration link or icon at the top/bottom and/or sidebar of the webshop. To register, fill out the registration form, and then click on the registration button at the end of the form. Proceeding to the next page you will be informed if the registration was successful or not, if not than the information given needs to be modified, or filled out. If your registration was a success, then you will be automatically signed in, and in the top menu your name will appear in which you where signed in. After registration you can sign anytime.

Registration is not required to purchase products in our webshop.

Sign In

On the sign in form enter the e-mail address that was registered in our webshop, and the password, then click on the "Sign In” button. After signing in the webshop will automatically indicate which user is signed in. You can change your password or sign out any time by clicking on the appropriate button/link.

Sign Out

To sign out press the sign out button/link in the sign in section on the top menu. This will only appear if you are signed in. 

Forgot Password

If you forgot your password, go to the login page select ‘I forgot my password.’ Fill out the form with your e-mail address with which you registered on our webshop and submit the form. An e-mail will be sent to your inbox containing a confirmation link. Click on the confirmation link (if the link does not work in your mailbox copy and paste it into your browser to open it) our webshop will generate on new password for you. Please remember your password (capitals, numbers, hyphens, etc.) for future use. To change password see the "change password” paragraph.

Change password

If you would like to change your password please sign into our webshop in the sign in section and the "change password” link appears. Click on the ”change password” button/link and a new page will appear requesting your password that you are currently using, then the new password that needs to be typed in twice. Click on the "Change” button, and then you successfully changed your password. Now you can sign in with your new password. 

Shopping and ordering products

Shopping Cart: You can select the products which you would like to purchase. The chosen products will appear in the shopping cart. If you open your shopping cart by clicking on the cart icon in the top right hand corner you will see the products you have selected, the webshop will display the brand, quantity, price per unit as well. When adding a product to the cart, quantity is automatically set for one which you can change or take out of your cart completely by clicking the "X” button. If you made changes please press the "Refresh” button at the bottom and the webshop will automatically recalculate your cart totals. After checking your cart you can continue shopping or proceeding to checkout. 

Placing an Order: Clicking on the "Order” button Shipping and Delivery page appears which is the second step to purchase your cart’s contents. Order steps are indicated by numbers in the circles to display your progress. If pressing the "Order” button and the Shipping and Delivery page doesn’t automatically appear then you where not signed in into our webshop, therefore a sign in page appears where after signing in you can proceed to finish purchasing the chosen products. If you didn’t register before on our webshop you can register without losing the chosen items in your shopping cart.

After registration or signing in you will be directed to the Shipping and Delivery page. 

Choose which shipping method suites your needs, then press the "next button.” It is mandatory to select a shipping method and payment method, because the checkout can’t continue otherwise. 

Next you can review the products, the shipping method, the payment method and the total amount, on the form below the billing and shipping address should be filled out. Under the "Contact Information” section in the comment field you can send a message with the order. After the form is completed press the "Next” button. 

This is the last stage of your checkout process, modifying details here is not permitted. Please thoroughly check all the details! If you would like to modify or change any details please click on the "Back” button at the end of the form, and modify the given information.

If all the given information is correct, click on the "order” button. The webshop will confirm the success of your check out and you will receive a confirmation e-mail as well with all the products and the billing and shipping information and payment details. After a successful checkout the shopping cart becomes empty. After finishing the shopping you can sign out at the signing in section at the top of the page. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us! You can find our contact details on our contact page.